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Fenglinwan Book Cube

Add:405 Zijinghua Rd

Tel:0571-8883 2499


Fenglinwan is a Hangzhou local brand for bookstores, with the Book Cube one of three branches in the city.

Though hidden among residential buildings in the end of Zijinghua Road, this bookstore has a huge reputation all over China by virtue of its status of the first experimental bookstore in the country. It is dedicated to establishing a complex of a bookshop, a gallery, an exhibition room and a lecture hall.

Boss Zhu Shenghua came up with the concept that a bookstore is not only a place selling books but also a platform for readers and writers.

To date, more than 200 scholars and writers have made speeches and lectures here, attracting a large number of college students and spreading the store's reputation across the country.

The store holds lectures and academic salons on the themes of poetry, philosophy, current affairs, among other issues.