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35mm Cafe

Add:385-10 Gudun Rd

Tel:0571-8535 6287


As the name suggests, this cafe has a photographic theme, and customers will find associated items in every corner. On the shelves are rolls of film, photographic books, photo frames and Lomo cameras.

The decor is in a Japanese minimalist style, with simple designs and muted colors.

Exquisite photographs can be seen everywhere: on the walls; suspended from strings; even pasted on the stairs. These were shot by the cafe boss and customers.

Today, 35mm has become a rendezvous for Hangzhou's shutterbugs. Every now and then, photographic parties are held and photographers are encouraged to bring their works.

The cafe has established a net community in douban.com, a website that aims to bring together China's artistic young people. Notices of parties are published there.

The cafe serves tasty desserts and mellow coffee, tea and cocktails. The wheat-flavored milk tea and cheese cake are recommended.