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Lao Shan Noodle Shop

Add:204 Gudun Rd

Tel:0571-8897 9884


A Shaanxi Province native has operated this noodle shop for more than a decade in Hangzhou, bringing original dishes from Shaanxi to the city, giving locals a chance to sample that province's cuisine.

Rou Jia Mo, considered by many as the Chinese hamburger, is classic Shaanxi cuisine. The stuffing is classified into two kinds - fried meat and green peppers, or pot-stewed meat.

Like most northern Chinese, Shaanxi people are big fans of noodles. He Le, though it looks like ordinary noodles, is made of buckwheat, a crop commonly planted in Shaanxi. Here in Lao Shan, it is served cold with cucumber and bean sprouts.

In Shaanxi style, most of the hand-made noodles served in Lao Shan are comparatively shorter and wider than most other noodles.

Biangbiang noodles, a symbol of provincial capital Xi'an, and saozi noodles are most popular with diners.