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Add:61 Yugu Rd

Tel:0571-8720 3383


The restaurant is composed of two villas with a fa?ade of countryside style. The name sounds like "hackberry" in Chinese though the characters are different.

The owner Tang Limin says she named so because there is a hackberry growing between the two villas. Stepping into the restaurant, eaters may find that all the tables, chairs and décor are about wood. In the wait area, which is sustained by wooden pillars, there is a trunk without any artificial polish put there as a bench.

Tang says all these tables and chairs were designed by her husband, the head chef of PUR, and hand made by her father, so none of them would be found anywhere else. She wants to create an atmosphere of leisure and relaxation, which makes eaters feel like eating home.

She sets four zaotai (traditional Chinese brick kitchen range) in the lobby, where chefs cook food on the site and consumers could see the procedure of making cuisine. In consideration of safety, Tang uses induction cookers instead of fire. The signature dish here was Short Rib Stewed in Soy Sauce, Curry Shrimp, Self-made Tofu, and Chinese Rice Wine Stewed Crab.