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Tea House

Add:1 Shihushan Rd

Tel:0571-8701 8969


Hardly will people walk in the restaurant without any instruction. Qingzhiwu is a small road, while where Tea House nestles is even a smaller sideway jointing Qingzhiwu.

Tea House is not a tea house, but named so because in front of it there is a tea bushes farm, hence the road leading to the restaurant was a muddy way in a farm.

The owner has adopted the original décor to echo with the tea farm, and startlingly some decoration stuff is right from the mountain – the walls are plastered with mud from the farm, and the door handles are tree branches picked in the mountain.

Also the owner Lin Wei who used to be a designer, bought an old wooden house in a village, which was already demolished and could have been burnt as firewood.

Lin reuses and revives the house: the old large pillars are cut and become smaller pillars, the floors are reorganized as floors and stairs, the carved doors are the restaurant's tables, and the tiles are light camps.

But the "traditional-style" provides creative fusion food that combines Chinese, western, Thailand, Japanese. "The chef and I just want to make tasty food, and no matter what kind of food it is," says the owner Lin.

The fusion dishes are of imagination. Lamb transported from Ireland by air is roasted and served with sliced mantou (Chinese buns), pork fried and steamed with fermented beancurd goes with toasts, and egg is steamed with Shaoxing's rice wine.

Besides, fruit liquor is their specialty. On bar counter several jars with baijiu (Chinese grain-made liquor) marinated with fruits like longyan, waxberry and unknown plants are available, and also white semi-transparent rice wine with less than 20% alcohol and mild and sweet taste are favored by women.

In the cold season the restaurant prepares charcoal brazier for big tables and hot water bottle for customers.

Address: 1 Shihushan Rd, a sideway opposite to Think Coffee on Qingzhiwu. Walk for 100 meters and you won't miss it.