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Re Yi Restaurant

Add:161 Qingzhiwu

Tel:1896 9973 778


It is also a fusion restaurant, while Tea House is more Chinese, Re Yi is more Western, as its slogan says: we make no boundaries in cuisine.

The owner Xiao Xiao is a housewife who makes nice dishes and therefore owns a lot of local fans on internet, and she opened the 30-table restaurant last year so people can finally try her food.

Xiao thinks out of the box, and mixes her ideas and ingredients from Italy, France and Greece in Europe with foods from Thailand and Vietnam. And she also invested a lot with the determination to run the restaurant well – she employs 15 cooks while the menus are iPads.

The fusion menu always amazes customers: it includes Cheese Baked with Chinese Rice Cake, Tomato Salad with Sesame Paste, Persimmon Ice Cream, Tempura Stinky Tofu and Uygur-style Pizza.

Xiao created those dishes for reason: the Cheese Baked with Chinese Rice Cake works well because of their similar softness and stickiness, and the sesame's fragrance stimulate appetite for tomato salad.

Also a rice water drink is a must order for each table because it owns mild clear taste as well as because it is contained in test tubes, a novel experiment for people to try one.

People can eat indoors, in the garden, or on the balcony. Xiao also teaches a cooking class at the restaurant.