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Old Man Restaurant

Add:240 Dadou Rd

Tel:0571-5655 9999


This restaurant has a more vintage look (and name) than its neighbors, its exterior resembling a house from a century ago. Adding to the vibe, lamps hang from its 10 narrow carved wooden gates.

As befitting its traditional looks, Old Man Restaurant serves country-style cuisine from Zhejiang Province, which is savory but not spicy. Most ingredients are bought direct from country suppliers.

There's no menu. Instead diners choose from photographs of dishes on the walls or pick up the fresh ingredients, like freshwater produce from an aquarium and eggs on display in baskets.

These local eggs are from free-range poultry, which are believed to be healthier options. A local chicken egg costs 3 yuan; a local duck egg is 5 yuan; and a goose egg is 12 yuan.

Local chicken pot, stone pot mutton and large pot tofu are recommended.