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Coconut Theme Restaurant

Add:236 Dadou Rd

Tel:0571-5811 1525


As its name makes pretty clear, coconut dishes are the specialty here - with a focus on cuisine from Hainan, China's tropical island province that boasts abundant coconuts.

The restaurant mainly offers hotpot, including coconut and chicken hotpot, a signature dish of Hainan cuisine.

Chicken is boiled in coconut water, with coconut meat sprinkled to add flavor. And as tender chicken is used, it takes eight minutes (there are timers at the tables) for the chicken to be cooked. It absorbs the coconut well and tastes lightly sweet without greasiness.

The hotpot, served with vegetables, kumquat and chili, costs 118 yuan (US$19). Extra sauces are 6 yuan per person.

Also on the menu are Hainan-style coconut rice - a little sweet and containing shredded coconut, coconut cake and coconut juice.

Compared to its neighbors, the restaurant has simpler decor. And its menu is small, with few options beyond hotpot.