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Add:188 Dadou Rd

Tel:0571-8817 5757


Passersby love to stop at and gawk at D-Lovee's front, with its eye-catching French windows. The entire three-floor facade consists of a dozen or so French windows, set in an apparently random manner: some bulge; some are indented; some are transparent; some opaque.

The interior is equally quirky - "post-modern," according to the owners. Black and white decor coupled with European-style cozy chairs and sofas in a spacious room create a space equally suited for a laid-back business meeting or a friends' party.

Open three months, Internet comments about D-Lovee are generally positive - mostly praising the environment and taste. "Just right taste" and "an agreeable space and surroundings" are typical views.

Its menu offers Hangzhou and Shanghai cuisine, plus some fusion options. Recommended dishes include D-Lovee Crispy - chicken sauteed with cabbage, mustard and hazel nuts; crispy sirloin - deep-fried sirloin coated in flour; and Qiandao Lake fish head soup, which blends tender fish flesh and tofu.

One minus point is that service can be brusque when the restaurant is busy.