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Vanish Cafe

Add:2/F, Pudding Hotel, 407 Hushu Road S.

Tel:0571-8807 3092


Vanish Cafe's Chinese name literally means "100 flowers hidden deep," an accurate reflection on how difficult it is to find. It is located on the second floor of Pudding Hotel alongside Qingshuitan Lane.

But once you track Vanish Cafe down, you could easily linger for hours over coffee, because the cafe is full of interesting knickknacks and film items.

It covers an area of 200 square meters, without any booths or boxes, which gives it a look of a mini cinema.

And actually, there is a projector there for screenings of films and documentaries.

On one wall of the cafe is a long irregular grid cabinet containing books, film posters, notebooks and postcards for sale.

The cafe boss also holds special activities every now and then, with themes such as "send a postcard for the future" and "write a postcard to your beloved."

Notebook brands for sale include Moleskine and Concertino.