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Tree Cafe

Add:10 Zhu'ertan Lane

Tel:0571-8806 6301


This cafe gets its name from three trees that grow inside, their branches reaching out through the roof.

When building the cafe, the owner didn't want to cut down the trees growing on the site. Instead, he drilled holes in the ceiling for the trees to grow through.

A price paid for this environmental concern is that roof leaks slightly in heavy rainy, but this doesn't dampen customers' spirits, says the owner.

Such a unique environment helps attract customers from around Hangzhou to Tree Cafe, even though it's hidden in the office buildings of Gongshu District government.

It is decorated in Japanese minimalist style, with wood and glass the main materials.

As it has a part-glass roof, on sunny days dappled light is cast through the leaves of the resident trees, creating a relaxing atmosphere.

The cafe is divided into smoking and no-smoking sections by glass and curtains. Books and handmade accessories are available for sale.

Outside, an area of decking with tables provides a perfect spot for basking in sunshine over a coffee.

These days, the cafe is a popular venue for newly-weds to pose for wedding photos.


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