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Add:580 Yuyuan Rd

Tel:021-6226 3098


Cusine: Home-style Mexican cuisine with selections from different regions, particularly Oaxaca (central Mexico) style

Ambience: Tucked away in a peaceful part of west Jing'an District. Stepping in is like walking into a restaurant in Mexico. It's a cozy space heavy in authentic flavor. Latin music plays softly in the background and there's a stage for Latin musicians. The room has a warm classy feeling and the owner Victor is always happy to chat, enhancing the restaurant's intimate feeling. Large tables making it perfect for a laid-back night with friends over food and drinks.

Who to invite: Friends, a date, family, anyone who wants authentic Mexican flavor.

Pros: In addition to the homey, comfortable atmosphere, Victor will take the time to explain dishes and ingredients. The food is authentic and there's a wide selection of salsas. There's a giant cocktail selection, with weekend drinks specials. On weekdays there's a lunch set special with prices 40 percent less expensive than usual.

Cons: It can get crowded, especially at dinner. It serves Tex-Mex, but it's a little bland compared with native Mexican selections.

Recommended: The tostada carnita is a can't-miss appetizer. A fried-hard tortilla shell is filled to the brim with tomatoes, lettuce and beans; it's a crunchy delight. The lamb birya features meat boiled in a soupy broth with four soft tortilla shells to wrap the meat.

Diners add onions, green salsa, and guacamole.

It's a nice introduction to the Acapulco-style cooking. The green salsa is especially good. Their margaritas pack a punch.

Don't order: Burritos (fajita meat) with French fries lacks the punch of other items.

Drinks: Extensive cocktails, margaritas, tequila shots, soft drinks

Cost: 456 yuan for three, including a 200-yuan pitcher of margaritas