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Sanglin Mandarin Teaching

Add:11th floor, Block I, Huamin Empire Plaza, No. 726, West Yan'an Road

Tel:021-6212 1026

Time:8:00 - 20:00



Fax:021-6225 2697

English Service Available


Sanglin is an institute which focuses on Chinese teaching, and devotes herself to languages communication and culture diffusion. Been absorbing abundant latest research findings on second language acquisition, Sanglin has her own academic style. There are many high educated and experienced teachers teaching in Sanglin, which provides most suitable teaching programs for students. HSK tutoring has long been a special feature of sanglin. Sanglin knows well about the rules and the key points of HSK, therefore helps students improve skills and scores in short time. Sanglin owns numerous research staffs who are well versed in Chinese culture, they plan outstanding summer camps for you.