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Ife Coffee

Add:418 Xixi Rd

Tel:0571-8512 2676


The highlight of this cafe's decor is two blackboards set on its walls, where guests can write and draw whatever they want, giving the eatery a casual and creative look.

Another example of the casual vibe is the free fresh-baked cookies that customers can help themselves too.

As a further enticement, owner Miss Jin says Ife Coffee is the only cafe in Hangzhou selling authentic New York flavor hotdog.

The range includes the Newbee Hotdog, Supreme Hotdog, New York Hotdog and Bacon Hotdog. Ingredients such as pickles and hotdog sausages are imported.

And if you can't stay, discounts are offered on takeaway.

As one of the owners comes from South Korea, the cafe attracts many South Korean students from Zhejiang University.

So if you're looking for a Korean tutor, post a note here.