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Kangxin Antiques

Add:712 Yongjia Rd (near Anting Rd)

Tel:021-5465 3983



Among the many antique stores on the road, Kangxin is the newest, opened in 2011, but among the best. The whole store is decorated as a living room, showcasing its antiques. The shop is divided into two living room spaces - out and inner - in keeping with the old style in China. The shop has a very traditional Chinese shop name. "Kang" (康) means health and "xin" (鑫) refers to wealth and gold. The owner Nie Renjie is a well-known collector of mahogany furniture of Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1912) dynasties. The shop displays part of his collection: from mahogany tables and chairs; antique clocks and watches; stones and crystals; paintings and calligraphy. Nie is happy to chat with customers, telling them the stories behind his collections. And like most antique shop owners, he is interested in items people may want to sell.