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Paddy Cafe

Add:394 Yongjia Rd (near Taiyuan Rd)



Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


The owner of Paddy Cafe, Yu Lu, is a former film reporter, rock vocalist, and now a budding novelist. The shabby-chic style, together with a small European-style village garden, creates a relaxed setting where customers can chill out, as well as providing inspiration for the owner when writing her novel. The garden, filled with rosebushes and irises, makes customers forget the frantic pace of Shanghai life, especially when nursing a cup of fine Italian coffee. Novelist owner Yu has decorated her cafe with some delicate objects on the themes of "Love, Time, Memory and Forever." Every corner is a chapter of a novel, she explains. Paddy Cafe also has some yummy desserts, including the walnut pie, hazel nut cake and blueberry cheesecake.