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Green Tea Restaurant

Add:83 Longjing Rd

Tel:0571-8788 8022


This restaurant chain has five branches in Hangzhou, two in Shanghai, and queues of customers.

Shuangfeng Village is home to the original Green Tea Restaurant, set at the edge of a pool.

French windows and a glass ceiling allow for the maximum sunlight, while its wooden pillars also bring diners closer to nature.

As the queues indicate, its dishes come highly recommend. Many are creative adaptations of local cuisine, such as Longjing Wencha (Looking for Dragon Well Tea), which includes Longjing tea, shrimp and pidan (century egg). Another favorite is green tea barbecued pork, which uses pork preserved for four hours, so much of the fat is gone before cooking.

The "Attractive Series" is also recommended - including beef, fish heads and bread. An English menu is available.