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Fu Quan Academy

Add:5/F, A Section, Zijin Plaza, 701 Gudun Rd

Tel:0571-8973 9977


Run by Yongfu Temple, Fu Quan Academy aims to promote traditional Chinese culture.

Lectures on Confucianism, the tea ceremony and health maintenance are offered at weekends.

Its vegetarian restaurant follows strict Buddhist principles and ginger, garlic, shallots (those stimulating foods are believed erotic), milk, eggs and alcohol are forbidden.

But nonetheless, the chefs are good at making their meat-free dishes tasty.

Shiitake mushrooms are simmered in soy sauce and sugar for a long time so tender mushrooms absorb the savory juice.

And enokitake (golden needle mushrooms) - the long, pale ones - are rolled in tofu sheets and cooked in a light, home-made curry.

Average price: 100 yuan (US$16) per person