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Roots Resort

Add:No. 47, Xu Village, Jiuxi

Tel:0571-8659 9399


The resort at Jiuxi - nine streams - is more like a Xanadu than a hotel, with cascading water features, gardens, fields of vegetables and villas.

Roots has attracted several gastronomes to try fusion vegetarian cuisine at the French-windowed restaurant.

"Chinese fried dishes, Mexican tapas, Vietnamese spring rolls and Italian pizzas, they all can be interpreted through vegetables, which results in a variety of dishes," says general manager Antonia Pao.

The restaurant's principle is "less salt, oil and sugar and no SMG."

Chefs seldom fry leaf vegetables, instead having them raw or lightly boiled and sprinkled with olive oil.

It's not a Buddhist restaurant, so ginger, garlic, shallot, milk, egg and alcohol feature.

Average price: 300 yuan per person