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Linglong Town

Add:198 Nanshan Rd

Tel:0571-8702 5558


This restaurant is situated on Nanshan Road amid beautiful surroundings. Every day, streams of diners are drawn by the authentic Taiwanese food and great views of West Lake.

Appetizers include the famous Taiwan-style pickled radish. Taiwanese favor to use pickled white radish, pickled mustard greens and other pickled vegetables to heighten the delicate flavor of foods.

Oyster omelet is another classic Taiwanese dish. Though originally sold in Taiwan's night markets, this chewy snack has been picked up by restaurants and is now considered an indispensable dish in Taiwanese eateries.

The oyster omelet is composed of eggs, oysters - sometimes shrimps - tapioca starch and garland chrysanthemum. It tastes soft and sticky, sometimes spicy when blended with chili sauce.

The dessert recommended here is crispy durian pastry. Durian pulp is made into soft and mellow fillings and wrapped in layers of flour. Toasted in the oven, the whole pastry turns gold and crispy, with the distinctive aroma (or odor, depending on your taste) of durian switching between savory and aromatic.

Average cost: 82 yuan