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Lukang Cha Yu

Add:5/F, Block A, Hangzhou Tower, No. 21, Wulin Square

Tel:0571-8500 5210


A glance at this restaurant's name tells most diners that Taiwanese fare is on offer, because Lukang is a seaside town in Changhua, on the island.

Famous Taiwanese singer Lo Ta-yu wrote a song named after the small town, which became popular among Chinese music fans in the 1980s.

Stewed chicken with three cups of sauce is a must-try dish in Taiwan-style restaurants. This was a classic Jiangxi cuisine that years ago spread to Taiwan, with the Taiwanese adjusting it according to their preferences - replacing lard with vegetable oil and topping it with basil.

The version served here is popular with diners. Basil is an essential ingredient, stewed in this dish creating a heavier aroma and taste.

Pineapple with twisted dough strips and shrimps served here is a combination of three main characteristics of Taiwanese cuisine - seafood, fruit and snacks. The dough sticks are cut into segments and stuffed with shrimp. Pineapple cubes and the dough stick segments are then mixed with salad.

Average cost: 71 yuan