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Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden

Add:No. 3888 Chenhua Rd

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Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden is a comprehensive botanical garden with strong scientific content and beautiful garden landscapes.

Located in Songjiang District, with an area of 207 hectares (2,070,000 square meters), Chenshan Botanical Garden was officially started in March 2007. With the support and concern of all parties, after more than 3 years of construction, it was open to the public as a trial on April 26, 2010.

Featured plant collection for Chenshan Botanical Garden is based on the collection of East China prophyta. Till now, 9,000 distinctive plant species have been collected, including special plant and greenhouse plants such as magnoliaceae, roseceae, cerasus, malus mill, iris, aquatic plants, xeric plants, herb plants, economic plants, and rare and endangered plants, etc., and been conserved and recorded in a scientific manner. 

Besides, Shanghai Chenshan Botanic Garden’s 4D cinema is now open Tuesdays through Sundays and on holidays. The cinema is equipped with 60 seats that can swivel, vibrate, inject air and spray water, enhancing the special effects of activities on screen. Currently showing is the film “Beauty of Nature.” The 15-minute documentary shows biological interactions in plants and animals. Screening times are 10am and 2pm.

Chenshan Botanical Garden, as a landmark project in construction of global botanical gardens in the 21st century, got great concern from the global peers and the general public and tourists. Since its trial opening, the garden has received a large number of domestic and foreign tourists, as well as more than 300 peers for academic exchanges, and won high praise from various sectors.

Admission: 60 yuan