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Long Tang Li Restaurant(Longjing Branch)

Add:18 Longjing Rd

Tel:0571-8808 3178


A longtang is the typical old-fashioned neighborhood, fondly remembered by millions of people in south China. Long Tang Li Restaurant takes this as its theme, seeking to evoke the rich folk flavor of Hangzhou cuisine.

It opened this branch at the head of the Prayer Path in 2012, soon proving a big hit with customers.

Standing at a crossroads, the view is nothing special, but the restaurant seeks to create its own green space; trees can be found in front of almost every window.

In keeping with its name, the restaurant resembles an old longtang - complete with wooden pillars, black tiles, stone sculptures and carved window lattices.

Along one wall is a line of wood burning stoves, on which different foods - such as radishes, pig's feet, duck and chicken feet - are braised with soy sauce.

It also offers a barbecue option, while a selection of dishes for 9 yuan make for an inexpensive meal.