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Longmen Art Project

Add:Suite 102, Tian An Centre Building 338 Nanjing West Road

Tel:021-6472 2838

Time:10am-6:30pm (closed on Mondays)



Fax:021- 6472 1258


Located in the heart of the bustling metropolis of Shanghai, Lily Lee and Jeffrey Lee established Longmen Art Projects, a brand new art gallery, offering various artworks of excellent quality and provenance, as well as providing art consulting and management services. Longmen Art Projects is located in Sinan Mansions, within the elegant and flowering French Concession area erected in the 1930s.

Longmen Art Projects will advance on its solid foundation in 20th Century modern Chinese art, inherited from Taiwan’s Lung Men Art Gallery period and march towards the 21st Century Asian contemporary art. Lily Lee will be in charge of art consulting, art estate management and modern art business, while Jeffrey Lee will lead his team into the exciting business of Asian contemporary art.