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Hunabusa Restaurant

Add:4 Longjing Rd

Tel:0571-8797 3759


Creepers climb over the black tiled roof, draping down onto the white exterior walls of the restaurant. And as a quirky touch there is small glass gate to further entice visitors.

But walk-ins are few at Hunabusa, because it is hidden away so well that anyone driving on Longjing Road could easily miss it.

However, regular customers like to bring friends, and that's why the hard-to-find eatery never worries about customer numbers.

The pleasant environment of Hunabusa is a big attraction for those in the know. Tables near French windows boast views of tea groves, some producing tea for the restaurant, and peach trees,

Other tables, while without the view, are in a pleasing European-style setting, with the white walls and ceiling setting off black sofas and tables, plus bright decoration.

Like many restaurants around West Lake, Hunabusa specializes in creative Hangzhou cuisine. Recommendations include Hunabusa shrimp in coconut milk and mince meat fried with chestnut mushrooms - cha shu gu, literally "tea tree mushrooms").

Tip: No afternoon tea though it makes nice juices.