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Food Fusion

Add:8/F, Parksons, 918 Huaihai Rd M.

Tel:021-6385 3906

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Cuisine: Malaysian street food, Malaysian fusion, Southeast Asian with some Thai and Chinese dishes

Ambience: It's on the top floor of Parksons on Huaihai Road M. and gets busy during lunch and dinner time. The restaurant is spacious but can get loud when it's busy. It has a nice view overlooking Shaanxi Road S.

Who to invite: Friends, business associates, lovers of Malaysian food

Pros: With four locations, Food Fusion is the most successful Malaysian chain in the city. The menu is extensive and includes Malaysian street food like roti canai and satay, seafood dishes and a large desert selection such as ais kacang and various durian treats. Portions are large and the lunch sets ranging from 32 yuan to 42 yuan are a solid deal. The service is also quick.

Cons: It can get loud and busy. While the food comes in large portions and is generally tasty, it sometimes doesn't capture the full range of Malaysian flavor.

Recommended: The Penang Hokkien Mee set is large and tasty. The popular noodle dish includes vegetables like bean sprouts, boy choy and seafood and meat. Their Curry Laksa set is full of coconut milk-flavored sweetness.

Don't order: While there's a large roti canai selection, it's a bit pricy and can't match the authenticity of the classic Malaysian street food.

Drinks: Smoothies, fruit juice, coffee, ice blended drinks, beer, alcohol, and soft drinks

Cost: 100 yuan for two during lunch special

This Malaysian chain restaurant is offering two types of durian cheese cakes this Christmas season. If you go there on Christmas Eve and play the Wheel of Fortune, you have a chance to win a free durian cheese cake. Prizes are available at all outlets around town but limited in number, so make sure you get there early. The restaurant also serves authentic Malaysian cuisine like Hainan chicken rice, roti canai and bak kut teh, some of the all-time favorites of diners. Musang King durian, teh tarik and white coffee are also must-trys in the restaurant. Chef Shah is the winner of Malaysia teh tarik competition and uses finest ingredients from Malaysia to prepare his food.

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