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Baoshan International Folk Art Museum

Add:4788 Hutai Road

Tel:021-5604 2007




Shanghai Baoshan International Folk Art Museum was recently named a national 4A tourist attraction by the National Tourist Attractions Quality Rating Board. It is Baoshan`s third national 4A attraction after Gucun Park and Wusong Paotaiwan.

The design of the 14,600sqm museum, which is now one of Baoshan`s landmarks, is inspired by the famous "Chinese Knot". It offers 8 exhibition halls on two floors. With multimedia technology and exhibits, the museum is a showcase of the folk art, folk culture and intangible cultural heritage of Baoshan, Shanghai, China and the five continents of the world. The 6 temporary exhibition halls on the 2nd floor are mainly used for various themed exhibitions. The museum also contains some folk art workshops for glass, ceramics and weaving, which go some way towards research and teaching.

The Museum will also put more emphasis on participation and interaction. The handicraft workshops, jointly organized by the government of Baoshan District and Shanghai University, will open regularly to the public, allowing aficionados to DIY.