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Orient Shopping Centre (Nandongdian)

Add:800 Nanjing Rd E., near Liuhe Rd

Tel:021-6322 3344



Fax:021-6361 4684

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Orient Shopping Center (Nandongdian) is located in West Nanjing Road and the shops are generally luxury brands, in pursuit of attracting the target group of stylish youths. The business philosophy is "integrity, innovation, sophistication, excellence", highlighting the new revelation of a trendy shopping experience. The operating area of the shops is approximately 25,000 square meters, of which the first 9 floors of the shopping malls are mainly engaged in cosmetics, jewelry, watches, gifts, clothing, leather goods, sports and leisure and home room supplies, with more than 400 brands of goods . The mall is also equipped with Hui Lau Shan dessert bar, and underground garage and other functional facilities. On the 10th floor, there is an Antique Shop, which includes porcelains, wood carvings, embroidery and other Chinese-style stuff.