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Tongli Old Water Town

Add:Tongli, Wujiang, Jiangsu Province




Tongli (同里) is a "water town" about 32-km from the more well-known Zhou Zhuang (周庄). It is not as crowded as Zhou Zhuang, but it also lacks the town performers and artisans performing along the streets.

Entrance tickets to the historical part of town are 50 Yuan. They are neccessary to get into the various sites, which include old homes, a traditional garden, a temple sited on the small island in the nearby Lake Xiaodian (肖淀湖) and the China Sex Museum.

Parking is available but at some distance from the historical area at 10 Yuana per vehicle. There are also electric trams that provide transportation between the parking and historical areas for 2 Yuan per person.

A nce leisurely way to see the town is a boat ride through the canals. Each boat lasts for 30 mins and can sit about eight adults comfortably and goes for 60 Yuan per trip. In the heart of Tongli, there is also a cormorant fisherman and his birds, always ready to pose for photos (for a fee of course) or to demonstrate the birds' fishing techniques.

Getting to Tongli: Take the Yanan elevated Expressway (延安高架) towards the western terminus. Take the last exit, Zhongchun Road (中春路). The off-ramp will be T-junction with Zhongchun Road. Turn right onto Zhongchun Road and at the first traffic light, turn lefet. THis will put you westboun on the HuQingPing Highway  (沪青平公路), also known as highway 318. At about 14 miles down the highway, the road will fork. Take the left fork towards Pingwang (平望).  There is a sign at this fork, ut it is only in Chinese. About 30 miles down the HuQingPing Highway (just past a tollgate and across the highway from a Sinopec) is the turnoff to Zhou Zhuang. Go past this turnoff for another 10-km or so. You will reach the small town of Liming and at Liming, there is a turnoff to the right towards Tongli. From the turnoff, go bout another 22-km. Just before you reach Tongli, you will see a Lake Xiaodian on the right hand (north) side of the road. Jus ahead youwill see a tall wooden tower than looks like its made out of Lincoln Logs. The road forks here. Take the right fork and it will lead you to Tongli. The parking area is on the right side of the road not far beyond the fork.

Or you can take the Tongli tourist bus which departs daily from the Shanghai Sightseeing Bus Center