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Shanghai RuiDong Hospital

Add:120 Jingxiu Rd E.

Tel:021-5833 9595

Time:24 hours


Fax:021-5833 2074

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Established in 1999, Shanghai Ruidong Hospital, a garden-style general hospital, covers an area of 16,000 square meters, 10,400 square meters of which is green area, south of Zhangjiabang and east of the river. The hospital is located in Pudong New Area, on Jinxiu East Road and the Luoshan Road intersection, and adjacent to Tomson Golf Villas area.

Shanghai Ruidong hospital consists of a five-story main hospital building with in-patient wards, containing more than 50 hotel-style rooms. Intended not only for Chinese patients, but foreigners such as expats from America, Europe, Australia, Taiwanese, and Japanese. They offer medical services that compete with the highest quality, including general healthcare, preventative medicine, chronic and acute disease management, fertility specialists, dental clinic, laser and cosmetic surgery, physical rehabilitation, and additional consulting services. Additionally, the hospital is equipped with a newly purchased 64-cut CT Scan, Bone Density Screening, Ultrasound capability, EKG, and routine laboratory and microscopy center.

The hospital is staffed with full-time physician specialists, in addition to consulting Ruijin specialists, and Taiwanese specialists. Additionally, world renowned Professor Wang Xianzhen from Taipei Medical University, as hospital president and director of cosmetic and facial surgery.