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International Peace Maternity & Child Health Hospital

Add:910 Hengshan Rd (1961 Huashan Rd)

Tel:021-6407 0434

Time:Mon-Fri: 8am-11am, 1:30pm-4:30pm


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In order to safeguard the health of women and children, the International Peace Maternity and Child Health Hospital is a specialized hospital capable of providing maternal and child health care services founded by Mme Soong Ching-ling, the former Honorary Chairwoman of the People's Republic of China, in 1952, with her reward of International Stalin Prize for "Strengthening World Peace".


By following the policy of “doing experiments, setting examples, and strengthening scientific research” determined by Soong Ching-ling and Zhou Enlai (the first Premier of the People’s Republic of China) for over five decades, the Hospital has always focused on the health care. Through the combination of health care with clinic care and the arduous efforts and exploration for generations, it has grown into a specialized hospital in maternity and child health care at the municipal level, capable of integrating medical treatment, health care with scientific research, teaching and training.

With 370 beds, the Hospital consists of clinical division and health care division. The clinical division includes perinatal department (obstetrics and neonatology), gynecology department (general gynecology, oncology, and galactophore), family planning department, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) department and anesthesiology department. The outpatient department has regular clinic, specialized clinic for specific disease, specialist clinic and special clinics.