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JivatmaYoga GuBei Studio

Add:Rm 308, Bldg D, 2633 Yan'an Rd W., opposite Gubei Carrefour

Tel:021-6209 5825

Time:Mon-Fri, 9am-9pm


Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


JivatmaYoga was the first yoga center offering member courses, training programs, franchise opportunities in Shanghai. Our philosophy is based on traditional Hatha Yoga from India, we offer the most orthodox and authentic teachers and effective courses all set in a very harmonious environment. JivatmaYoga hopes to open up a way to a more pure and harmonious world of yoga. We offer all style and level of Yoga, with hundreds of classes available 7 days a week in our centers. JivatamYoga has many senior teachers who have all learned the essence of yoga and offer it to you in our convenient and comfortable locations. In the class they can lead you to a yoga experience where mind, body and nature can merge together. Whether you are an experienced yogi, or beginner, you will find a class that is just right for you.