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River South Art Center

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In 1917, Du Yuesheng, a well-known Shanghai merchandiser, set up a series of warehouse along the riverside. Those warehouses became state-owned after Liberation. With the time fleets, the owners of these warehouses vary, which lead to its sharply decline in number. Now, they are the rare architectures for the memory of Old Shanghai. In May in 2002, G.S.H. International from Taiwan formally found their base of Shanghai in this peculiar place. With the purpose of cherish the history and preserve the structure, we cautiously re-decorated the warehouse of hundred-year-old and wish to reappear its charm with a new look. From October in 2003, it became River South Art Center emphasizing on all types of art activities and events to make more and more people get an access to the immortal spirits of the unique history. It will also be a new beginning of the stories of Shanghai in 21 century as well as the new pride for Shanghai’stomorrow.