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Sanshan Guild Hall

Add:1551 Zhongshan Rd S.

Tel:021-6313 5582

Time:Tue-Sun, 9am-5pm



Built in the first year of Qing Xuantong year (1909) by fruit industry businessmen, Sanshan Guild Hall was the place for businessmen of the same trade to discuss business and offer sacrifice to goddess Matsu. "Sanshan" was named after three mountains "Yuewang Mountain, Jiuxian Mountain and Min Mountain" in Fuzhou city in old times. Sanshan Guild Hall, the only opening-up and well preserved guild hall building in late Qing Dynasty, is also the only historical site of the third armed uprisings launched by Shanghai workers. The main-body of the Guild Hall covers 1000 square meters, in which carved beam and painted pillar are full of artistic value. The Guild Hall was used as the school building round about 1949 and it was rebuilt and moved southward by 30 meters for the urban construction in 1986. Since the foundation of Guild Hall for 100 years, the special funds have been allocated by the government for the largest-scale cultural relics reparation project in 2008. The repairing of the gatehouse and the rebuilding of the status of Matsu, which retrieved its elegant glamour of old days. Guild Halls witness the social development. On the occasion of Shanghai Expo, the History Exhibition Hall of Shanghai Guilds is built by the former site of Sanshan Guild Hall, which presents how Guilds influenced the development of Shanghai economy and the formation of the city of immigrants. Sanshan Guild Hall was ranked as the Municipality Protected Historic Site in 1959 and opened to the public after the completion in October, 1989. Now it is Shanghai Patriotic Education Base and Historic Cultural Landscape.