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Huangjie Gallery

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Shanghai Huangjie Gallery, originally called Huangji Gallery, was founded in 1997. The name of Huangjie originates from the word Huangji Confucian by the great thinker Shao Yong in the Northen Song Dynasty Huang means great , while Ji is believed to be insurmountable The gallery aims at pursuing the culture idea with wonderful taste Huangjie Gallery, with a area of about 200 square meters, is located on the civilized Yuyuan Road in Jing an District of Shanghai. It mainly manages the works of painting and calligraphy by the well-known artists of modern times as well as contemporary era in Shanghai. With the development and probe, the gallery has opened up the management ideas and thinkings and set up a new space of oil paintings during these years. The works not only exhibit the traditional essences in art, but reflect the pursuit of modern art. The art works, deeply rooted in society, enjoy great popularity among the mass and suit both refined and popular tastes. The manager is the soul of the gallery, and means to push the art works towards the society and to improve the quality of spiritual life of the people, this is where the manager’s dominant ideology lies.