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Shanghai Classical Hotel

Add:242 Fuyou Rd, near Lishui Rd

Tel:021-6311 1777

Time:11am-2pm, 5pm-10pm


Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


The 130-year-old restaurant is famous for its authentic benbang cuisines. The star would be its Ba Bao Ya (Eight Treasures Duck). The duck, supposedly with traditional medicinal purposes, is stuffed with lotus seeds, dried shrimps, mushroom, chestnut bits, and sticky rice, before being steamed to sumptuous perfection. Another recommendation would be its eel with bamboo shoots. Shanghai Classical Hotel, located in the Yuyuan Tourist Mart, a famous garden in Shanghai, was founded in 1875. Entering the lobby, on the walls hang pictures of the hotel in different developing periods, which make a visitor think he came back to Shanghai in 1940s. On the third floor, with the help of trolley buses and menus of that period, visitors can experience unique emotional appeal of the past Shanghai. Lido, Parliment, Broadway, and Queen―four famous ballrooms in Shanghai before liberation, once again call the visitors back to the scenes of debauchery in Shanghai of that period. Being buried in the scrolls of pictures revealing eight well-known scenes of the past Shanghai brings visitors rich imaginations.