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Levant Art Gallery

Add:1/F, 107 Huqiu Rd

Tel:021-5213 5366

Time:Mon-Fri, 10am-5:30pm



The works at Levant Art Gallery are mainly from Europe and Latin America, and represent mainly the classical and contemporary styles. Living with Art is the mission of Levant Art Gallery since its founding, and this also explains how Levant Art Gallery handpicks artists and art works. Art works presented at Levant Art Gallery mostly from Europe and Latin America. They represent different style: classic and contemporary. Its collections from oil paintings, water-colors, engravings, photographs, porcelain up to European Antiques. Levant seek for the beautiful artistic conception, and the arl works which will rise audiences' response and its aesthetic value and cultural meaning are long-lasting. Levant is the sole agency of several well-known European artists in China. And has partnered with top art galleries, art dealers and exhibition organizers in Europe and Latin America. The gallery offers unique collection and professional know-how for art lovers and collectors. It can also help collectors to search for precious European art works. Levant has been committed to create an exquisite environment. Designed by renowned Italian architect Renato Russi, and equipped with top-notch iGuzzini (Italy) lighting, the gallery is particularly tailored for visitors' enjoyment of art works. Levant's collections are the result of its owner's feeling of art. The process it present art works is also a part of art creation.