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Shanghai Sightseeing Bus Center (Main branch)

Add:2409 Zhongshan Rd S2.

Tel:021 - 2409 5555



Fax:021 - 6481 1311

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Probably the best choice for short distance trip or one-day trip in Shanghai is to go to the city's sightseeing bus centers to jump onto a tour bus, which is convenient, inexpensive and offers lots of options.

There are five branches of the center in the city, in together they offer more than 170 routes for tourists every day. Some are as long as four-day train tours, but most of them are short-distance bus tours. The tourist attractions locate in Zhejiang, Jiangsu , Anhui and Jiangxi Province.

You can book the tickets online or via telephone. Ticket express service is also provided in the downtown area. English service is provided. The main branch of it is near Shanghai Stadium area.