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Diva Life Nail & Beauty Lounge (Ruijing Er Road)

Add:266 Ruijin No.2 Rd, near Taikang Rd

Tel:021-5465 7291-22




Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Diva Life, an English friendly Nail & Beauty Lounge with international hygiene standard, which uses Swiss Clean sterilisation system and ensures that each procedure is carefully disinfected and cleansed. With comfortable sofas, music, refreshments, and all kinds of imported books and magazines, Diva Life delivers the highest quality, most innovative beauty care products and services to our customers in a convenient, affordable and fun manner. Diva Life merges techniques and philosophies from around the world to form a potent blend of treatments.With a team of professionals, they also act as caring guardians of their guests, maintaining a level of excellence necessary to deliver these specialized treatments.