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Ito Massage

Add:3/F, 158 Huaihai Rd M., near Pu'an Rd

Tel:021-6386 3101



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As a new-fashioned lounge where our clients relax and build up their health, Ito Massage offers individualized service and well trained skills in an elegant décor because we bear our updated ideas in mind. Have a try and we guarantee that our clients will experience a most healthy, most relaxing and most trendy life. Ito Massage,a Sino-Japanese joint venture,is situated in the busy commercial area of Huaihai Road. It covers a floor area of over 500 square meters. Currently we have over 50 people working in Ito Massage. We are proud to be supported with administrative staff who focus on efficiency, and employees who exhibit a strong sense of cooperation and coordination among themselves, all of which have created a harmonious ambiance and working environment.We are now consolidating our success and making full preparations for further development by setting up franchisees in the surrounding areas.