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Shanghai Yue-yang Integrated Medicine (IM)Hospital (Hongkou District)

Add:111 Ganhe Rd, near Dongtiyuhui Rd

Tel:021-6253 6300 ext 111

Time:Mon-Sat, 7:30am-11am, 1-4pm; Sun, 7:30am-11am


English Service Available


Shanghai Yue-yang Integrated Medicine (IM)Hospital,which is affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), is a Class A Municipal General Hospital,involving with medical care, education, and research, which is also granted by the Chinese National TCM Administration Bureau as the only Municipal Integrated Medicine Hospital of National level in Shanghai.She is also authorized as one of special medical centers for the expatriates in Shanghai by the Shanghai Municipal Hygiene Bureau. Our clinic center was first established in 1952, whose former body was the first Medical Center of TCM in Shanghai. As she attracts most famous senior specialists of TCM & IM in the eastern area of China, therefore she owes a high reputation in the medical domain of TCM & IM. Combing with the characteristic and predominance of our Clinic Center, we set up our foreign clinic center of TCM & IM, which specially offers a comprehensive medical care of TCM & IM for the expatriates in Shanghai.