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Feel Shanghai (Highstreet loft Branch)

Add:Rm 305, Bldg 1, Highstreet Loft, 508 Jiashan Rd, near Zhaojiabang Rd

Tel:021-5465 9319



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Feel Shanghai is a studio specializing traditional Chinese clothing. The design team have profound knowledge about the history and culture of traditional Chinese clothing. By taking the latest innovative ideas, it features customized traditional Chinese coat, dress and cheongsam, which are made from fine textile and reflects an elegant feeling. The perfect blending of tradition and modernity, fashion and classics is very much favored by customers both home and abroad. Although it looks like any old clothing store, this two-floor store is known for making high quality qipaos, traditional Chinese garment, beautiful dresses and also offers tailor services. Choose from silks, cottons, linen and cashmere and it takes about a week per order.