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Highstreet Loft

Add:508 Jiashan Rd, near Zhaojiabang Rd

Tel:021-6471 5665



Fax:6471-5665 ext 114


Highstreet Loft refers to multiple-space by dividing the huge abandoned factory into living space, work area, social place, entertainment space and collection place, building a kind of modern living order, giving birth to a fresh creative artistic act. Highstreet Loft still gathers a number of International Clothing R & D Institute, Fashion Club and Creative home space, forming a huge creative system, especially a number of independent designers at home and abroad having entered Highstreet Loft has brought a charming temperament of different styles. At the same time,Highstreet Loft office building areas have absorbed professional teams such as top international fashion buyers, fashion media, models company,, fashion production company, public relations firms and shape design companies, which provide active and effective support for the growth of the creative forces. Highstreet Loft is still closely watching the creative forces’ interaction between consumers, with not regularly organized creative market and regularly held designer crafts show, fashion show to display the most cutting-edge creativity results to the consumers; and at the same time it will encourage the consumers to personally take part in the design and enjoy the tailored personalized art life.