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Hongkong New World Department Store (Wujiaochang)

Add:1 Songhu Rd, near Zhengtong Rd

Tel:021-5161 3888




Fax:021-5161 3899

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


New World Group is a renowned Hong Kong - based conglomerate, with core businesses in property, telecommunications, etc. Leveraged on its sound financial status, diversified business portfolio as well as timely and appropriate business strategies, the Group has gained its business strength and become the leading consortium in Hong Kong. With reference to the market situation and its own advantage, NWDS is well positioned in the mid-end to high-end market, with young and middle-aged consumers in pursuit of elegance and fashion as the main target group of customers. Nowadays, "one-stop shopping" is the new mainstream of shopping culture, while supermarket plays an important role in such kind of trend. NWDS stays ahead in customer service, and opened supermarkets to complement the department store business in different regions. "New World Supermarket", characterised by its comprehensive and diversified range of goods available, will be the new focus of attention from the customers.