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Kuan's Living

Add:20 Moganshan Rd.

Tel:021-5252 2990



Fax:021-6277 3806


Kuan’s Living introduced the concept of Haute Ccouture to the Asian home furnishing market. More than twenty years of experience in the home linens and décors business has given Kuan’s Living a prominent status in the field. Kuan’s Living has recruited several top atelier of craftsmanship who have over 100 years of combined history in Europe. Kuan’s LivingThe company incorporated them into their owned design by giving them new meaning and distinct value. Kuan’s Living unparalleled marketing know-how and deep understanding of consumers’ insight in the luxury home segment has been proven successful in the dynamic Asian markets. During the past twenty plus years, Kuan’s Living has successfully marketed the western art of lifestyle in Asian countries. Kuan’s LivingThe company’s product lines range from bedrooms to living rooms, and from bed linens to furniture to complete home decor. Kuan’s Living takes pride in beautifying a home in every detail. They tailor to their customers’ taste through their exquisite buying, merchandising and unique designs. Kuan’s Living directly owns boutiques covering major cities in China and Taiwan, namely Shanghai, Beijing, Hang Shou, Dalian, Tianjin, Suzou, Wuhan, Taipei, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung. The company also supplies its producys ; indirectly supplyingindirectly to the United States, Europe, Middle East and Hong Kong.