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Wang Jia Sha

Add:805 Nanjing Rd W.


Time:1/F, 7am-9pm; 2/F, 11am-9pm

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


One of the city's most popular and trusty standbys for inexpensive dining, this famed eatery specializes in all of Shanghai's signature snacks and cheap eats including "xiefen xiaolong" (crabmeat and pork dumplings), "xiefen shengjian" (crabmeat and pork buns steamed in oil), "guotie" (pot stickers), "babaofan" (eight-treasure sticky rice), and a variety of noodles such as "dandan mian" (noodles in spicy peanut sauce) and "shangsu tangmian" (noodle soup with vegetables).

Recently renovated, the store features dining rooms on the second and third floors (where you can order from Chinese-only menus or simply point to what others are eating), and a take-out/fast food section on the first floor where you can watch staff making the dumplings.

The food store is also known for Suzhou-style mooncakes with a filling of pork and pickled mustard. The crisp mustard cuts through the fatty pork and each bite has rich textures and flavors.

Mooncakes are often sold out by 4pm due to limited production.