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Little Secret Cafe

Add:138 Baochu Rd

Tel:0571-8993 9240


Entering this cafe, customers could be forgiven for thinking they've been transported to a vintage European villa. Fringed lamps, metal photograph frames with ornate swirls, plus oil paintings, an old typewriter and a vintage sewing machine fill the space - all genuine items collected around the world.

The boss Helen indulges in collecting such European-style knickknacks, saying she put her collections here to share them with guests.

Cupboards featuring a European pastoral style were designed by Helen and custom-made by local craftsmen. And the blue patterned tiles were imported from Spain.

Helen says two French fringed lamps on table are extremely rare, purchased by her brother-in-law in Europe.

The cafe has a conservatory, while floral sofas and cushions add to the relaxed vibe.

As a final touch, dried flowers decorate every corner of the cafe, adding a fragrant smell to the aroma of coffee.

Little Secret's coffee and pizza are recommended.