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Jingle Cafe

Add:2/F, Home Inn, 150 Baochu Rd

Tel:0571-5670 9551


As the cafe is hidden away in the second floor of a budget hotel and only has an entrance and a stair on the first floor, in order to attract more guests, the owner has posted many pictures of herself on her travels at the entrance to attract like-minded passers-by.

A vintage-style stair leads to the second floor - a space filled with sunshine. Laden bookshelves and arty toys guarantee a distinctive feel.

This cafe covers 300 square meters, and has a balcony. Booths are divided by stylish curtains and several walls serve as blackboards, where guests are free to write messages.

Tables and chairs are in Japanese minimalist style, while on the counter are piles of travel magazines and books. And numerous beautiful pictures of Tibet are hung on walls, reflecting the owner's hobby.