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Hu Jiang

Add:183-A Nanchang Rd

Tel:021-6473 2155



It's widely believed that every senior Shanghainese has heard of Hu Jiang (Shanghai River) hair salon, one of the few old-style Shanghai salons left in town. The branch on Nanchang Road, run by senior local hairdresser Chen Guoliang, opened in 2001. The brand itself dates back some 60 years and Hu Jiang's main store was on nearby Huaihai Rd. A member of Shanghai Beauty and Hair Association, Hu Jiang has very high reputation among Shanghainese, especially older generations. Tidy and simply decorated, this local salon is very different from trendy ones in the town, but the barbers and hair dressers in their white uniforms set a familiar tone for regular clients. Prices are also very reasonable - a haircut is around 40 yuan (US$6.45).