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Xiaofeng Bookstore

Add:529 Tiyuchang Rd

Tel:0571-8511 6671


As one of Hangzhou's most famous bookstores, Xiaofeng enjoys a unique status in the city - and even China.

Qianjiang Evening News and Du Shi Kuai Bao, two most influential newspapers of Hangzhou, always take the Xiaofeng bestseller list as a weather vane for the city's book industry.

The bookstore was established in 1996 and after 10 years of development it made the "top 10 Zhejiang Province private bookstores" in 2006.

Xiaofeng has eight branches in Hangzhou, and the one on Tiyuchang Road is the headquarters.

Books available cover everything from art and social sciences to finance.

And its list of registered members already exceeds 8,000.

As well as selling books, Xiaofeng creates its own style by virtue of holding cultural lectures. There is a cozy reception room inside the bookstore, where scholars and readers gather here every now and then, discussing artistic and cultural topics and exchanging ideas.

Also, Xiaofeng values its younger customers, with special facilities for the under-12s.

The bookstore sets aside a space as the parent-child reading area, where there are cartoon and animation books, toys and stationery for sale.